Kristen Bell Nude

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Kristen was named “One of the 11 people you’d most like to see naked” in 2005 by Jane magazine, and she was one of PETA’s “The World’s Sexiest Vegetarians” in 2006.  And of course she’s a regular in the Hot 100 lists of nearly every men’s magazine out there, like FHM and Maxim.  But we don’t need those awards to validate our lust for her, do we?  We can see it with our own two eyes when we watch her on TV or in the movies, and that visual input goes straight into our brain and out again as impulses to our penis to get an erection going.  Am I right, or am I right?

Blonde, sexy, pretty, and smart.  What more could you want in a girl?  And with her role in the indie film “Fanboys”, it looks like Kristen bell really has cornered the market on geeks and nerds.  Good thing she’s come out as saying that “nerdy is the new cool“.  Now you know why we’re all devoted to her, even though the only meat she likes to eat is the one between our legs.  Or maybe we love her because of that.  Whatever the reason, we can all agree that what “Buffy” did for vampires, “Veronica Mars” did for gumshoes, so her small place in pop culture is assured, freeing her up to do more risque stuff, which is why we’re all checking out Kristen Bell Nude.

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